10 dangerously misleading at first aid

No matter when and where they came from, but virtually every one of our people has some knowledge of first aid. Unfortunately, in most cases, this knowledge is a mess of stereotypes and rumors, and the application of this cereal in practice, not just useless, but also dangerous. For example, everyone knows that it is necessary to splint the fracture. And most imagine this bus as two or three sticks, ideally - shtaketiny from the fence with the remnants of the traditional painting. When there is a need to help, for some reason, it turns out that people are not happy when his broken arm, trying to straighten the leg and attach to a stick.

And all because it is necessary to fix the fracture in the position that is most comfortable for the victim.
Of course this is usually bent. Like this. Did you know that? Hope so. And because of
listed below the top ten most common misconceptions stereotypes first aid laugh,
both on long-known thing. Or think about it. Or remember. And best of all - you will find the time and goes well
first aid course. Suddenly, God forbid, come in handy.


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