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The author published in 1960, the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee still gets behind the book for $ 9,000 a day.


German Shepherd named Gabi served as a guard dog in the Belgrade zoo. Once, during a bypass zoo with his master, she saw a jaguar escaped from its cage and threw a dangerous animal, while the other dog, sensing the danger, let their heels. While Gaby struggled with a huge wild cat, the guard was able to call the police and wait for her arrival. Unfortunately, the jaguar had to shoot. A brave Gaby, who saved lives and his master, and visitors, a monument to the zoo.


When we deal with the "ideological enemies", part of our consciousness that is responsible for processing and synthesis of new information, "turned off". Therefore, to reach out to the person who takes the opposite position on an issue, it is practically impossible.


In 1913, America was considered legitimate to send their children by post. Postal stamp was put on clothes "living premises", after which it was delivered to the destination by train, accompanied by the mail carrier. According to the newspaper article at the time, for a modest 53 cents parents sent their child to grandparents.


Young elephants are not just learning to drink water with the help of the trunk. At first, they quench their thirst as:


12-year-old Bahia Bakari was the only survivor of a plane crash in 2009. The plane in which she was flying, crashed into the sea near the Comoros. She ran into shark-infested water, not less than nine hours, clinging to a piece of the plane.


In 2013, an unknown stole plated cookies, decorate the main entrance of the office confectionery company Bahlsen in Hanover (Germany). The thief left a note in which he promised to return the stolen goods, if the company will send 52 thousand packs of biscuits (and "only with milk chocolate, not dark or no chocolate") on 52 addresses charities. Guide Bahlsen fulfilled all the conditions and get your character back.


The magazine "Continuum" defended the idea that AIDS - it's just a hoax and deception worldwide. It was closed after its editor, both died from AIDS moreover precisely.


Human fingers able to find tiny objects as small as 13 nanometers. This means that if a finger would be the size of Earth, he could feel the difference in size between the house and the car.


The Nobel Prize for his discovery of the wave nature of the electron is the son of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the electron.


The new super-toxic substance, one gram of which is potentially able to destroy up to two billion people, was found in the feces of a child suffering from botulism.


In Mexico, an attempt to escape from prison is not a crime, since local laws considering the desire of every person to be free as a natural and fundamental


Motor vehicle BMW M5 runs so quietly that the company had to provide the ability to play man-made sounds that would remind drivers about the engine is running.


One Japanese stockbroker for eight years turned his $ 13,600 initial capital of $ 156 million, but still continues to feed almost exclusively cheap instant noodles.




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