How old is this bodybuilder?

This is a man named Sam Bryant and he has been for many years engaged in bodybuilding. Try to guess - how old is he? The correct answer, see the continuation of

Sam Bryant 70 years old and holds the title of "Best bodybuilder Georgia." Retired not even think about retirement. Sam Bryant works nights forklift operator, and twice a day visiting a gym.

Sam Bryant started bodybuilding when he was 44 years old. At that time, he experienced separation from his wife and it was an excellent method to let off steam. After 11 months of training Sam Bryant began to participate in competitions. Operating weight pensioner is 192 kilograms. When asked how he manages to stay in such great shape in 70 years, Sam Bryant replied: "If you start thinking about what you - the old, the mind takes this idea and your body really starts to get old. The reason I simply do not think ยป


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