Avoska of t-shirts

Sound familiar - a favorite T-shirt so I bring that in polite society it already seem indecent, and throw a pity. The easiest way to part with it - is to leave it to attain the age as domestic clothes, then her nightgown, and then did - oh, horror! - Doormat. However, due to rampant human imagination there are more than a dozen ways to give T-shirt opportunity to start life anew without sending her to a nursing home or in a landfill.

Step 1. wrenched t-shirt inside out, folding in half and mark up the pen semicircular shape.

Step 2. Cut carefully to happen exactly.

Step 3. sewn below and on the sides duplicate.

Step 4. To reinforce seam, sews additional zigzag.

Step 5. Taking a ruler and pen mark up equal segments staggered. Between the rows leave plenty of room to make a strong bag.


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