Developing The black-and-white film by D-76

The author writes: Here's another shot a black-and-white film and decided to share a recipe developer. For me, film development film is always a certain degree of stress, because they do not know how it will manifest. Chemicals in my old - 40 years old (and even older). Film from Japan, but overdue. That development time is always determined by "instinct" and it has never let me down :-)

Here is the recipe of the original metol-hydroquinone developer D-76.

fine leveling
Bachkovo and cuvette manifestation of film, films, plates
It serves to obtain the greatest amount of detail in the shadows and the highest sensitivity
photolayers with low contrast negatives.

The water (30-45 °) ... 750 ml
Metol ... 2 g
Sodium sulfite anhydrous ..100 g
Hydroquinone 5 g ...
Borax Crystal ... 2 g
The water is cold ... up to 1 liter

Fixer (fixer), the most common use.
The water (60-70 °) ... 500 ml
Sodium thiosulfate crystal. ... 250g
The water is cold ... up to 1 liter
Well, with recipes like everything - go to the film development.


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