Gregory Crewdson: length movies in one frame

Each photo Gregory Crewdson'a - result of the work of entire teams of decorators, lighting, extras. So much effort is spent usually to shoot a full film. And all this is done for the sake of pressing the cable release format camera, which carries even the photographer. His role - director-demiurge, breathes life into all this Kolovraschenie. According to his plan in the world winds blow, fall shafts of light of unknown origin, roam the streets of a sleepwalker.

And each picture is frozen film, with its history and its secrets. The further development of the plot transferred in the consciousness of the viewer. Both the Chamber provincial theater. Sami pictures - strange aquariums is not clear the mysterious life within. Punktum each - a pair of polar tensions within "the familiar, close - strange, strange." This they attract - seeing the usual accessories of the world, with the head thrown into the picture - but familiar fragments collected in the puzzle that can not be decrypted. It happens in a dream. There is a vague feeling of anxiety and discomfort - a trigger that includes our consciousness to perceive photographic clean energy. Mysteriously everything here - frozen postures heroes beams of bright light, shimmering green leaves glowing magrittovskoe sky. At the same time, there is no sense of the Hermetic text - there is a feeling that lies in front of the door keychain challenge the viewer - only to find the right and reach the coveted magic garden. Real invented? No answer ... Before the audience is mysterious world with amputated sense - in fact it is a reality more true than that which surrounds us.


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