Movies about animals: the best family pictures

Most movies about animals is great for family viewing. Such films contribute to the formation of values and help to instill in children compassion, caring, trust, friendship and sacrifice.

Movies about animals are a really big part of family pictures. They are emotionally and vividly introduce children to the concepts of "friendship", "caring", "empathy" etc. a Significant part of paintings involving animals consists of movies, where the main roles are dogs. They are more organically reveal the theme of responsibility, courage, friendship and boundless devotion.

Shot from a film "White BIM Black ear"

The most famous Soviet film about a dog is "White BIM Black ear" — a touching lyrical picture of a setter who lost his master and learned what pain and loneliness. It is impossible not to recall the movie "Hachiko: the most loyal friend", which although is not purely a family picture, but has a positive educational impact and awakens in man, regardless of his age only the best.

A scene from the movie "Ko mne, Mukhtar!"

Perfectly reflects the intimate relationship of man and dog, their mutual assistance and support of the Soviet movie "Ko mne, Mukhtar!" and a picture of "lassie". In both films talks about finding faith in yourself with the help of shaggy on reality to achieve the impossible and realize that there is someone who needs care and attention.

The movie "101 Dalmatians."

Gained a lot of popularity and "dog" Comedy, such as "101 Dalmatians," "Beethoven", "air Bud", "Turner and Hooch". They show that only true friends are able to help and support.

No less emotional than a film about dogs and painting pictures of horses. Among them are so different and at the same time equally sentimental "champion", "Foal", "Dreamer".

A scene from the movie "Turner and Hooch".

There are also many movies about other animals, domestic and wild. Mostly family films about animals — Comedy, though there are action-Packed or dramatic story in which the main characters are threatened, but they, after a series of comical or tragic accidents, find a way out of this situation.

The film "Free Willy" is one example of friendship between human and animal. It is the possibility of understanding between these very different creatures, as a teenager and the whale.

Frame from the movie "Free Willy". Photo:

Very touching is the unusual friendship in the films "Thoughts about freedom". The first Chapter tells of the plight of the boy and cub Cheetah and the second about a girl who's best friend is Fox.

still from the film "Thoughts on freedom"

It is worth remembering and a great Soviet film "Attention, a turtle!", in which four friends of school age, in order to save your pet turtle, even stopping a column of tanks.

still from the film "Thoughts on freedom"

Top family movies pictures about animals occupy a special place. They reveal the children something important, something that is impossible to put into words, something coming from nature itself.published



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