Izgryzanny bumper - the insured event or not?

With an unusual statement in Yekaterinburg insurance company asked the owner of the German vehicle: bumper Audi literally gnawed his dog.

"With the external examination of the car on the left front wing scratches were found, the front bumper has through holes similar to the marks of the teeth of an animal. In addition, upon further inspection of the car were found to damage the headlight, hood and right front fender, "- said the insurer is an insurance company. But even more interesting was the discovery under the hood of the damaged car. When it was opened to verify the VIN-number, found in the engine compartment of a large cat who miraculously squeezed between the engine parts. It is obvious that the frightened animal found its refuge there from the dog, which is trying to get to him, and damaged the car. Despite extensive experience in the insurance industry, the company's specialists have noted that faced with such an event for the first time. The issue of payment of insurance will be solved in the near future.

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