18 Chinese on an armored personnel carrier or the UN "Bastion"

On Sunday, the author has brought in the most secure courtyard of St. Petersburg, on the basis of special forces unit "Bastion".
The thing is that in St. Petersburg, a delegation of the Chinese comrades consisting of children of employees of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic, who died while on duty. After the cultural program of the museums and palaces of the city they went to visit the fraternal ministry for inspection equipment and weapons used in Russia for law enforcement.

01. Of course the most important unit in the fleet is the BTR-80 engine with 260 hp and machine gun KPVT 14, 5 mm.

02. PBC 7, 62 somewhere from the tower gone, instead lonely gaping hole.

03. In the service units are both Russian and foreign developments.

04. For example, this car «Hummer» guards order is valued for outstanding performance audio system that allows in the case of mass riots interrupt crowd noise.

05. Bomb Unit moves to special vehicles manufactured on the basis of minibuses «Ford» and "Gazelle". Inside are such interesting things as "Reed", "bumblebee", "Grotto", "Varan».

06. That's the way himself "Varan" - robotic system.

07. Unfortunately there was a small epic fail, when the robot put on charging hours ago - forget the toggle switch on the body, and as a result the robot refused to turn on. Quick to put on a charge does not work, charge it for a long time. The result showed his guests in a stationary state.

08. The remote control robot.

09. The mobile X-ray system "Bumblebee».

10. Also presented were unremarkable «Fiat» where personnel arrive on the scene, and the remarkable "Tiger" on that later ...

11. There was also a diverse collection of small arms used by the soldiers of the detachment. Ranging from pistols ...

12. ... and ending with the sniper and assault rifles.

13. Adult Ministry officials accompanying the children on this trip, with joy examined a representative sample of weapons.

14. Fighter Detachment explains about the magnitude of sight leaf. "Spili fly, son!»

15. The Russian security officials also do not deny myself the pleasure to hold in the hands of military weapons and kiss with closed eye.

16. Experts readily recognize this wonderful cannon. Quick-design allows secretly deliver it to the place of use, but unfortunately the trunk quickly goes racing and it has to be changed frequently.

17. Children of the Chinese delegation with interest listened to a lecture about the perfection of Russian arms.

18. The magnitude of the components used.

19. Ladies of the delegation was particularly interested in shirokostvolnye grenade launchers.

20. The male part of the delegation stoically vosprinala this interest.

21. Of particular interest to the Chinese delegation called Russian gun "Pecheneg" allows one person to fight with vastly superior forces of the enemy in numbers.

22. On examination of technical sredst Bomb children were given measure up helmet from a suit "Grotto" designed for the safe operation of an explosive device.

23. Genuine interest also caused domestic armored car "Tiger" is used in the fight against aggro mood of the crowd.

24. Due to the wide wheelbase and large weight of these vehicles are used for covering the streets and blocking unauthorized rallies. "The raging crowd simply can not flip a car" - said fellow squad.

25. At the conclusion of the inspection all come to the main in this exhibition - an armored personnel carrier.

26. I was sitting on the armor means, shoot ... and then they all top lomanutsya.

27. It turned out that it was traditional for such events photo on the armor. And I was scared, I thought - has begun!

29. At the end of the visit held a minute's silence in memory of Stella riot police killed in the line of duty.

30. Members of the delegation presented the staff troop memorial sign with the coat of arms of his ministry.

31. Before boarding the bus delegation goodbye photographed against a background of a character unit.

32. Commemorative Medal awarded Petersburg employees.

33. Logo Ministry.

Source: ridus-news.livejournal.com


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