Fountain "Carousel marriage." Nuremberg.

Fountain "Carousel of marriage" (or "Marriage Carousel") on the square in front of the White Tower Ludwigpatz, began to create in 1977. A finished fountain, already in the 1984th ...

The White Tower itself (Weiber Turm - built in 1250), which is located next to the fountain, which is originally part of the fortifications fortress Nuremberg, later became "input" into the subway. A subway ventilation shaft, derived almost in the middle of the square, demanding the "aesthetic disguise." It was decided to establish on the spot out of the mine fountain ...

The author of this fountain, after creative contests, became Jurgen Weber (Jurgen Weber). The composition of the fountain was created based on the famous poem by Hans registry office (Hans Sachs) «bitter-sweet married life."

In his poem Zags describes scenes of family life-stages - from first passion to death ... After the discovery of the fountain long been a debate about the degree of propriety figures of its components ... Watch and judge for yourself ...

Dark and light sides of family life in the circulation of the "marriage" carousel reflected in the form of six sculptural groups:

Love - young couple on the swan bed;

Mature couple Chained eternal quarrels;

Skeletons of husband and wife, continue to strangle each other and after the death of sitting on the back of a huge lizard dragon, which appeared from the depths of hell ... On paw lizards can see the inscription "01.07.1977" - the date of the adoption of a new law on divorce in Germany;


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