Unusual Fountain in South Korea

In Seoul, South Korea, in 2008, was one more than interesting sights.
Most BANGO (Banpo), which connects the banks of the River Han, was turned into an unusual fountain.

1. On the right and left side of the roadway of the bridge of the special water spray nozzles every minute back into the river with colorful jets poured 190 tons of water, which, however, does not interfere with traffic.

2. Total sides of the bridge, which has a length of 1, 4 kilometers encased 9380 nozzles for spraying water. Water is pumped from the river by using pumps. It seems that a bridge beats fountain height of 60 m.

3. Water spray move, performing "Water Dance". The spectacle of 190 illuminated LEDs that change color.

4. The individual water jets are moving in waves one by one or together. Depending on what is necessary to obtain the effect, the LEDs in the water stain or other color in accordance with the sounding music.


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