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Author: Several years ago, my sister, my long complained about the vicissitudes of family life, he suddenly asked: "Take me to Novodevichy, I'll put a note Sofyushke».
Since I first heard about the recent urban legend, saying that it is necessary to go to the tower where the Princess Sophia was imprisoned, and ask about Sofyushku cherished - come true. This Sofyushkinoy tower dubbed Nadprudnuyu people, and not the one where the princess is actually contained.
Go to the tower of the Novodevichy Convent Nadprudnoy interesting. Because not only write notes on pieces of paper, which put their narrow windows near the ground, but also on the walls. Write yes, cherished. Basically, of course, love. However, there are requests for more serious: "Saint Sophia! Help pass the DPA! »
Yes, for a short time of existence of beliefs Princess Sophia became a saint in the popular mind.


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