The first steps of inventors

Tests of the first SUV. Fortunately, the inventive idea then turned in the right direction, and the current SUVs look quite different:

Reading glasses lying
Quite an interesting invention, wondering why it failed? Read lying really uncomfortable, hands numb. And you can watch TV again.

The front seat of a car
In the front seat I was pleased that it also serves as a safety cushion. Imagine how powerful it would be to extinguish the head-on collision!

Anti-gas mask and a stroller
With such a mask and a stroller for the baby no spill of bromine is not terrible.

Skates Shoe
To change shoes every time not at the rink, you can simply buy special shoes for skating-tips:

Home hair dryer
It looked like the first home hair dryers. Reminiscent of Soviet units in hairdressing.

Points from the wind and mosquitoes
Despite the apparent absurdity, these glasses do not only protect from the wind, but also from getting into the eyes of small insects. Here you are racing on a bike, and you midges in the eye, bam! And then you see midges only in such a beak, just die from fear.

Rescue suit
For those who can not swim, but he wants. Lifebuoy and lifejacket - unfashionable, much more creative sausage wrap oneself.

Skiing, parasailing
Newcomer to descend a steep hill on skis and without a parachute - it means to be dispersed and broken at best skiing. parachute successfully extinguishes speed, and you slowly and safely go down.

Unicycle bike

Something to me this bike reminded invention of South Park ...



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