Creative gizmos post. Part 2.

Continuation of wonderful and very interesting post about creative gizmos. Enjoy watching.
The first part.

Docking Station for iPhone:

It remains to find an application that will display the hours and number 12 on the top :)

This watch 3D:

On which side do not look, it is evident:

Hours of records:

How to make a chair out of bed:

Sofa with a secret:

Surprisingly, what is in the car, but still not at home:

To rub climbers:

To rub the Chinese bamboo:

To rub programmers:

To rub pilots, hangar for clothes:

Teapot / cup:

Remove the top, go to sleep tea leaves, pour boiling water:

Set a timer:

After tingle - overturn:

Brewed tea flows into the lower cup through a filter, welding remains the top:

You can drink :)

Scotch. The invention of the century:


How to diversify boring ladder:

The door can also be:

Well, in the garden something with their own hands:

And a fence around the house:

And jobs with comfort:

And check out a podvypodvertom:

Magnets on the fridge, fun:

Magnets on the fridge, helpful:

In vino veritas:

Newspaper package:

Invisible Bookshelf:

Mats a la "stickers scatteredĀ»:

Rug stimulating doormat:

Two in one: door handle and peephole:

Ku Klux Klan lives here:

Lamp chameleon takes the color of the environment:

Lamp to attract zombies:

Lamp with two caps:

Lamp - a nuclear explosion:

Keys sysadmin:

Cups sysadmin:

Decorating for a sysadmin:

Flash card for Pinocchio:

Tie Manager:

Helmet fan:

Cup with spin:

Stand aypad:

Suitcase provocateur:

Again, the invention of the century!



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