Creative gizmos post. Part 3.

Useful and practical design solutions that not only decorate, but also greatly simplify life.
Part 2

Carpet slippers


Stands for knives 6ffcc9ada3.jpg

A candle with matches is convenient to store. No need to look for. 002eb9aa9b.jpg

Watch magnet with important matters icons instead of numbers. 89732cd011.jpg

Nightstand transformer serving table on wheels conveniently "hidden" inside the structure nightstand. 04121be667.jpg

Clothespin-hanger ac4667a5d7.jpg

Ladder-rack eb6582465a.jpg

Blinds "Megapolis" 0a2b8116cd.jpg

Belt-measuring tape 37af5d8c17.jpg

Electroextension d0871416be.jpg

The capacity of the detergent e79347e80e.jpg

A condom with a ruler 04c0dc7199.jpg

Sticks with a spoon One device for the first course, and for the second. a4cb6d62fd.jpg

The log-bench 1aaac227fd.jpg

Toilet paper holder with a glass pen and pencil. fe271bcfcb.jpg

Scissors for greens f87927df3d.jpg ​​

The door for a game of ping pong f1c4c00363.jpg

Ironing board with mirror a28c3d8596.jpg

Mini-platter for buffet 1ed947d3b0.jpg

Teapot for tea d03ebcb1bb.jpg

Bedside rug Service 1b5865af54.jpg

Stand for shoes faff8cec2b.jpg

Tea bags 6224e8c647.jpg

Double bag of seeds or nuts that was where to put the husk. f508cb5bcd.jpg

Ladder-rack 6b09a4697a.jpg

Mug with spigot If you store the cap in a secret place, your mug sure nobody can use it. ae6f03316d.jpg

Rotating bench Bench equipped with a handle, which we replace the rotating part of the wet dry. 5df9059fac.jpg

Cutlery set caps on functional caps to allow ordinary office handle safely eat without departing from the desktop. 0dab4d8fdb.jpg

Shelf Bathroom Shelf for a comfortable stay in the bathroom. 383d4473f4.jpg

Milled Scotch Easy to find and mark the cut edge. 8bb4a53a24.jpg

Notebook of napkins 3d4e347d25.jpg

Capacity for cleaning potatoes 9a27ddc435.jpg

Clip for cable helps not to get lost in the wires. 303891046b.jpg

Banks with two covers 3feaee847b.jpg

Tie with instructions fedd485009.jpg



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