How to become a millionaire?

The following are a few simple and sometimes even stupid inventions that have brought and bring their creators a lot of money.

Stone pet
This case - the perfect proof that people are willing to spend money on anything. Pet Rock - this is an ordinary stone with eyes drawn on it, which was sold to people as a pet. What - do not have to feed, clean, too, is currently cobblestones, eyes builds :) For such "pets" also sold a variety of accessories, like a box with holes or carrying a thick book with recommendations for training. Now the original Pet Rock can only be found on Ebay, and in the 70s of the last century they were brought to its creator, advertising agent Gary Dakhla, more than one thousand dollars. The cost of this pebble was 3.95 dollars.

Information - all!

What to do if you are, for example, on trips, and suddenly you very much wanted in a little? Especially if it happens in another strange city? You can, of course, easier to do - to find the nearest bushes or a fence, but first it may be difficult in the modern metropolis, and secondly, can earn a big fine for disorderly conduct in a public place. In England, there is a special service by sending a number to which a short message, you can get a list of nearby public toilets. With the ability to determine the location of the mobile subscriber such a service has been made possible. Of course, a paid service, but that is a quarter of a pound of invaluable information?

Dog sunglasses

Do dogs need glasses? No. Whether they want to own a dog to wear glasses? Usually not. Sells anyone goggles for dogs? Of course! And thus it earns millions of dollars. Buy dogs Points - it's the same, what to buy gold fish stick, but the opinion of sensible people here not taken into account. The site pair of glasses costs $ 80, and if you multiply that number by the hundreds of thousands sold, produced an impressive amount. The photo shows the owner of these points, and it is clear that the design of, to put it mildly, different from men, and muzzle the dog poorly adapted to wearing glasses. However, everybody loves a winner :)

Perfumes animal

Even more absurd product than sunglasses, perfumes can be called a dog. Of course, the average dog smells rather unappetizing, but it might be worth it just to wash, and do not spray on top floral aromas? Unfortunately, the opinion of the dogs nobody cares, but when you consider that their sense of smell is many times higher human, you can imagine how much they could smell the perfume ... In general, this product is more for people who "like" their dogs, and are ready to lay out hundreds of dollars for a bottle of scented liquid. And manufacturers of these spirits are delighted most of all, it's their earnings.



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