How to become a millionaire?

The following are a few simple and sometimes even stupid inventions that have brought and bring their creators a lot of money.

Stone pet
This case - the perfect proof that people are willing to spend money on anything. Pet Rock - this is an ordinary stone with eyes drawn on it, which was sold to people as a pet. What - do not have to feed, clean, too, is currently cobblestones, eyes builds :) For such "pets" also sold a variety of accessories, like a box with holes or carrying a thick book with recommendations for training. Now the original Pet Rock can only be found on Ebay, and in the 70s of the last century they were brought to its creator, advertising agent Gary Dakhla, more than one thousand dollars. The cost of this pebble was 3.95 dollars.

Information - all!

What to do if you are, for example, on trips, and suddenly you very much wanted in a little? Especially if it happens in another strange city? You can, of course, easier to do - to find the nearest bushes or a fence, but first it may be difficult in the modern metropolis, and secondly, can earn a big fine for disorderly conduct in a public place. In England, there is a special service by sending a number to which a short message, you can get a list of nearby public toilets. With the ability to determine the location of the mobile subscriber such a service has been made possible. Of course, a paid service, but that is a quarter of a pound of invaluable information?

Dog sunglasses

Do dogs need glasses? No. Whether they want to own a dog to wear glasses? Usually not. Sells anyone goggles for dogs? Of course! And thus it earns millions of dollars. Buy dogs Points - it's the same, what to buy gold fish stick, but the opinion of sensible people here not taken into account. The site pair of glasses costs $ 80, and if you multiply that number by the hundreds of thousands sold, produced an impressive amount. The photo shows the owner of these points, and it is clear that the design of, to put it mildly, different from men, and muzzle the dog poorly adapted to wearing glasses. However, everybody loves a winner :)

Perfumes animal

Even more absurd product than sunglasses, perfumes can be called a dog. Of course, the average dog smells rather unappetizing, but it might be worth it just to wash, and do not spray on top floral aromas? Unfortunately, the opinion of the dogs nobody cares, but when you consider that their sense of smell is many times higher human, you can imagine how much they could smell the perfume ... In general, this product is more for people who "like" their dogs, and are ready to lay out hundreds of dollars for a bottle of scented liquid. And manufacturers of these spirits are delighted most of all, it's their earnings.


Young and enterprising man Byron Reese in 2001, started his own business is very unusual. He registered a non-existent address at the North Pole and began to write letters to the children, posing Santa Claus. Each letter is worth $ 10 parents, and all of them sent a few hundred thousand, so Byron has become a multimillionaire. He earns money on the simplest - childhood dreams and adult laziness. For example, if a child wants to be presented to the iPod, and the parents are not yet able to do this? Santa helps! He wrote a letter in which his part strongly praises the child for obedience and other virtues, and promises that here in the next month, be sure to send him to the desired phone :) Everybody is happy! Parents spend thousands just instead of the gold piece, and the child has a real letter from Santa Claus with promises and best wishes. In addition, children can ask Santa anything in secret, and parents can learn so cherished desires of their children and do everything possible to satisfy them.

Greetings from the abdomen

What is the most unusual way for a girl to tell her beloved that she is in the position? You can order the service online Fetal Greetings, guys who will send you a postcard touching on behalf of the unborn child, in which he will give greetings to the future father. I do not know how I would react, perhaps, with a great deal of humor :) Again, stupid and senseless than the service, the more you can earn on it - Fetal Greetings financial results show a million profit.

Sale of dummies

What can be done with the former used a dummy? I mean the average civilized European country ... We, yamnoe case mannequins work until they do not form holes and cracks that can not seal with tape, and in the same Germany or England can not injure customers crippled mannequin :) A few enterprising people thought and created a website and offer for sale the set b / ear mannequins. They are, according to dealers, can be used for parties, rallies or even home furnishings. Enough to buy a mannequin, paint it and put in a terrible hallway - no burglar will not pass!

Extreme Cleaners

What if you inherit a house, where for several years no one lives except mice and cats? Or if the home had lived a grandmother who was collecting trash to themselves and avoiding several years without water? Or if you need to clean up the scene of bloody streaks? (a joke) will help you firm Advanced Bio-Treatment, which employees quickly and reliably purify the home from any contamination organic and inorganic origin. You just need to take to take the job, pay the money and begin to equip your new home. Rebound in wanting to use the services of this company is not, and in 2009 revenues amounted to about one million dollars.

Scuba burial

Another service that offers a highly unusual service - Eternal Reefs, which for a modest fee (available on request) will help to arrange the funeral very interesting person close to you. First of all, the remains of the deceased will be placed in a special box, and it will in turn lowered to the ocean floor off the coast of Florida. If desired, the urn can leave their handprints, write the epitaph and attach a small box. The urn has special holes for the fish that will eventually arrange a house there and will be a fun romp, confirming the thesis that any end - it's just the beginning of something else. Adjusts to philosophical mood ...

Paperclip-for house

Perhaps you've heard the story of a Canadian Kyle MacDonald, who has shown ingenuity and improved their living conditions thanks to the clip. Nenov usually red paperclip for a year by the fourteen business transactions, he exchanged a house in Saskatchewan, Canada. During this year, he traveled extensively in Canada and the United States, met famous people and generally nice spent time. One can only praise this bold guy behind the idea and perseverance :)

Singing Fish

It is called the miracle of genetic engineering, Big Mouth Billy Bass and a layout of fishes, nailed on a wooden board. If you press the button on the bottom, the fish's tail begins to wag and sing. All. Buy a "toy" was found wanting as the seller has already earned several million dollars. No comments yet.



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