How things work: Member of game shows

Frequent participant in TV games anonymous told The Village of why you should not annoy the operator to use a hint "The Audience" and when to stop.

In the past I athlete. When she retired, bored. Decided to have fun and to work as an extra on the TV, and then accidentally hit the game show. I sucked. Today, on account of a dozen different games for money, although, frankly, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," "Jeopardy", "Name That Tune" or "one hundred" is not much different from each other.

A friend of mine girl participated in the Russian project "Lost." In a sense, too, game show and also for money. She told me a lot, and the famine, and severe conditions, especially in the first draft. More than anything, she pressed the constant presence of cameras. On a desert island it was impossible to stay one or just hide. Always someone went after him. Because of each tree was sticking lens.

Member of a game show

Game show divided into two categories: those that involve the stars (and then spend the winnings to charity), and those in which ordinary people play. To get to the game, you need to send an SMS to a short number or answer online at one of the questions. However, when the show is just beginning, participants usually take just out crowd in the hall. Know about it most of the actors, extras. Hoping that this notice them, they make great haircut, wearing funny hats or attach the artificial rose on his chest. Although often it does not help: they simply otsazhivayut away so as not to spoil the background. Choose the most visually appealing characters, or those who remember the film crew.

First prize

My first game show was held in Bulgaria. Local analog "of the game" - participants choose questions for a certain amount and then respond to them. The only difference is that one could suggest the hall. And my voice - the trumpets of Jericho. And if I know - I cried, and it was very loud. On the third issue of recording director just yelled, "Shut up already this!" But then I noticed. And next time, when they did not come to a player, they called me. I lived nearby, could quickly gather and also knew the game. I immediately warned: "Do not arrogantly. More than 240 leva you can not win. " And this is about 5, 5 thousand rubles, which is also good for an hour of play. I went into the studio as a party and took the money. After the program directly to the producer said that I wanted to continue to participate. I was left as standby option. If they broke the planned party - did not have time to get there, or refused at the last minute - I called, I was easily frustrated with work and came. I did not pay for it, but once a month (or even more), I went with a guaranteed win.

Games were not for me to earnings. I had a good time, even though he saw how tense the other participants to think over every issue at stake if their life squeezed out of the answers. I do not understand it! You came here to have fun, to diversify their everyday lives and, yes, as a bonus to earn a little. But what then sit back and tuzhites?


There are conflicts with technical staff. Before the first shooting on my blouse fastened microphone buttonhole and warned that it is impossible to lift her blouse. I went to the toilet, and I have this thing fell. Yes, right down the toilet. Soundman long and loud shouting. And everyone else on the court was as if all the same, because I do not particularly worried. Should have warned me.

Not worth arguing with operators: they are real bastards. It's not a stereotype and not fiction: if you are angered them, then definitely get in the frame sifilitichnoy prostitute. With most of the time colleagues, however, difficult to maintain a good relationship. With minimal communication becomes clear: all the way up make-up artists and assistants, highly educated and intelligent people. Well, or at least not stupid.

One time between writing several programs I had time to walk around the studio. Camoy discovery was cool board, where they were lined plate with all the questions and answers. Questions there, of course, dozens, if not hundreds, remember something unrealistic, but if you look closely, you can understand the logic of questions. It is then several times and helped me and my daughter, when she substitute for me.

"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire┬╗

In the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" I also had time to play. Asked leading into the hall, and I answered. Then he took six answered and already "under the entry" put us in the studio. Again said first and sat in the chair of the participant. It was one of the first recorded programs, and I do not know who is more experienced, leading or me. I had fun, I, as always, a guessing game, and the poor man was nervous, I doubt asking questions and offered to take the time to think. Sweating all. I stopped in the amount of one thousand euro and left. Just scared issue. Yes, I have remained unused one clue - "Ask The Audience." Decided not to use it: After all, I saw who it was sitting in the hall!

The most useful tip provided "Call a Friend". Just because it is a second head. If warn the person that he can call all cool, especially when the hand he has Internet access. I, unfortunately, did not have time. But call someone who knows all the answers. Just start asking about the whereabouts of C├┤te d'Ivoire, and he at me, interrupting, said: "Ivory Coast?" Well then, I, of course, is itself understood and easily remembered in some parts of Africa is this republic. Two heads - well, as, perhaps, it turns out that at least one is not walking in the French school.

By the way, it turned out that this annoying intrigue that accompanies each question on the air in the studio not available. No permanent asked: "Are you sure?", "Maybe change your mind?" No excessive drama and music alarm after each answer. All this added to the installation. In the studio, everything is very fast and simple: come, he sat down, the question - answer the question - answer. Yes - no. Took the money - was gone. Everything.


Viewers, by the way, is more complicated than the participants. It is necessary to restrain emotions and maintain external interest. Do not fall asleep at least. In the game, everything is simple: sitting with a lead, no longer bored, time flies very fast, you just have fun and guess.

Although I have often seen that bad players: scary, it is unclear uncomfortably hot. Always sore ass, burning face. It seems that professional studio lighting is not so hot. It turns out, very hot! In small studios where they filmed without an audience, the light placed on the site. You can catch the wire or kick soffit, coasting to catch with his hands - and all: serious injury, ambulance, burns for life. By the way, from the studio light and yet very hot. Soffits not just hot - they really firing. And if you still seriously and make up, then sit in the bath. Leading accustomed to, and participants may initially fall into a swoon.

Because of the light on some of the games are asked to remove his glasses to avoid glare. You feel like a mole on the stage. Someone essentially refuses. And with them are usually longer potter: spare doubles, plans and driveways. To be able to successfully mount. It is these losers into a swoon from overheating fall.

Now, almost stopped playing, I realized that I did not have enough. And not in the money business, and in certain brain load. For several years, appearing in the New Year in the small towns of Russia and Ukraine, I watched holiday marathons on local urban channels. They regularly heated interest in all sorts of competitions like "to get through to the studio to answer questions and win genuine Proust Questionnaire." So I sat in front of a December 31, entertaining themselves with such shoddy entertainment.


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