Incredible military developments of Nazi Germany ...

The greatest technological progress can be observed during armed conflicts. Additional motivation to win, as well as research in some areas, provide extraordinary progress, to achieve which in peacetime could take decades. The Second World War was no exception. Some of the best-known successes, such as the Russian and American space projects in the 60s, emerged with the beginning of German research during the Second World War.

Most of us have watched a program about the secret weapon of the Nazi regime, which, when applied at a different time, could turn the tide and change the outcome of World War II. Earlier, Germany considered itself a nation, standing above others in the scientific development, and made considerable progress in military technology, used in the early stages of the conflict. Then Hitler - perhaps, considering that he had already won the war - began to make a small emphasis on the development of the military during the war. And for some periods it was crucial. When the situation has changed, he returned to Germany to seek high-tech weapons, which was a desperate attempt to return to the previous state of affairs. It is an extraordinary weapon, or «wunderwaffe», came to the scene of military action too late - but what would happen if it came earlier?

WunderWaffe 1 - Vampire Vision

Sturmgewehr 44 was the first assault rifle, similar to modern M-16 and Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-47. Snipers can use ZG 1229, also known as the "Vampire Code," also at night because of infrared night vision device. It was used during the last months of the war.

WunderWaffe 2 - heavyweight tank

German engineers working on a variety of drawings heavyweight tanks. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus was the heaviest model, which was produced as a prototype during the war. This tank weighed about 180 tons.

Version Bear, weighing 1,500 tons, bore the 2 800-millimeter guns, as well as the 2 150-millimeter additional rotating tower, located at the rear. To bring this giant movement required 4 diesel engines from German submarines.

WunderWaffe 3 - The world's first cruise missile


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