Walk on the Danube

The author tells about a walk along the Danube and on the secret development of the genius of Soviet engineering. Which is now relatively available, though still guarded by the military. The story under the cut.

Danube-3U - station early warning defense system A-35M. Chief Designer - AN Musatov. Put into operation in 1978, along with adopting a system of A-35M. Built vChehove-7 near the railway platform Chernetskaya big ring of the Moscow Railway (Chekhov district, in the south of the Moscow Region).

When designing and building the station was taken into account the experience of the construction and operation of the station "Danube-3M", and applied a number of new technical solutions associated with significant technological advances in electronics that have occurred over the years that have passed since the development of the previous version. It is possible to increase the range and accuracy of the station, the reliability of its work. Structurally similar to the complex system of "Danube-3M". External difference was the change in antenna design (other design forming lens PAR) and their location - in contrast to the combined and directed strictly opposite antennas "Danube-3M" on the new stations are spaced approximately 150 m and rotated a few degrees. A new and more compact machinery and equipment allowed to significantly reduce the necessary volumes of process facilities. Introduced automatic control system operation and health of complex systems.

As many know, the Danube-3M (was under Kubinka) burned down, after which the antenna itself was demolished, and buildings - abandoned. But what is happening on the Danube-3U me personally it is not clear: some say that everything works just happened modernization. Others argue that the system is closed, the area with the receiving antenna abandoned, and a transmission - acts as a residual.

I can tell only what happened to see with their own eyes.

It all started a long time ago, when I first saw towering above the forest and whopper ever think to look at it more closely ... in 2008 we came to the territory of the RF in order to assess the situation. The territory of the "Danube" is divided into two areas - the transmitting and receiving antennas.

So, in 2008, in addition to viewing the outside perimeters and descent kabelnik we did not look, but came already several times in summer and winter. But in 2009 we came to have a much more thorough ... The one area where the transmitting (radiating) antenna at the time of the inspection (and now) is an extremely lively area with a bunch of warriors, cameras and loud buzzing equipment, noise cooling systems (cooling towers ) and a number of other factors, extinguishing all thoughts about the penetration of nascent. And even if there could get through - like something dumb to drag your ass to possibly identities transmitter antenna. You could probably boil. But here in the reception area then there was peace and quiet in the buildings ... there was something between repair and cut into the metal on the street no one wandered, and the hole in the fence once harsh gaping invitingly.


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