The gap of three bridges

Open only in 1952, waterfall Baatar in Lebanon - is not just an unusual waterfall. We can say that it truly is a fantastic creation of nature. The waterfall drops from a height of 255 meters in a huge limestone caves of the Jurassic period.

His age is 160 million years old.

It is located on Mountain Trail (Mountain Trail) in Lebanon, and the abyss into which it falls, known as the "Abyss of three bridges» (Three Bridge Chasm). Its name it owes the fact that the fall in the valley of the stream passes through three natural bridges, each of which hangs over the other.

Waterfall reaches of its power when the snow begins to melt and the water cascades falls into the abyss. In 80 years, scientists have colored water, and it turned out that, ultimately, it comes out near the village of al Mgharet Ghauagir

Falls is one of the most remarkable geological formations on the planet. It is considering its equipment protection devices and pulling the rope, or other similar devices to service lift athletes. Fortunately, this idea was rejected because the authorities considered that the installation of such equipment would violate the incomparable beauty of this place


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