Discs with funny pictures (3 photos)

Discs rotating spokes - this is the last century. Thanks to the wheels attached PimpStar colored LEDs that can highlight any image, text, logo and even digital photos.

With the included software driver himself can create pictures and "upload" are different pictures on individual wheels. On each wheel can upload pictures to 6, they are changed to each other during travel in the same sequence and at an interval which is needed to be the master. The manufacturer stresses that drives LED environmentally friendly, powered by a car battery and car washes are not afraid.

As you know, a good bluff - more money. For artistic delights have to pay well - from $ 12 000 for a 22-inch rollers to $ 16 000 for 26 inches. Fortunately, offered various hardly suitable for domestic subcompact.

via turist.ru



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