70-year-old mother-grandmother (5 photos)

Yes, you just see how this woman looks like! She looks after himself! Yes, and my daughter dressed very zamechatelno.A what is most interesting because it has done with the newborn baby, and it's very hard!
Maybe in the future it will be in the order of things, and yet ...

It's not even great-grandmother with a child in the photo.

When Adriana Illiescu birth to a daughter she was 66 years and 230 days.
She was on the 1st place in the Guinness Book of Records, until in 2006 it did not beat the Spaniard Carmela.

Bousada, who gave birth to twins at 66 years and 358 days.
Now Adrian has 70, respectively child - 3 years old.

The father is unknown, because it was artificial insemination by donor sperm.
She lives in Bucharest on a small pension and works part-time teacher.



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