Ink lake in Algeria

This unique natural phenomenon is close to the city of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria. It does not live fish, no plants grow. Ink, which is filled with water instead of the lake, are toxic to living organisms and are only suitable for writing.
The phenomenon of ink lake has long remained a mystery to scientists. Recently, finally became clear how such an unusual substance was in the lake instead of water. It turns out that in this lake flow into the two rivers. In one of them in dissolved form contains a lot of iron salts. The second contains a variety borrowed from peat bogs organic compounds. Interacting, the water of these rivers as a result of chemical reactions form black.

Among the locals about the lake is legendary. Some consider it a delusion of the devil and sidestep, while others are actively removed from it. There are many wondrous lake names. The most popular of them - Inkwell, The Devil's Eye, Black Lake.



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