Sunday brevity

Strong and blatant mouse not only ate cheese, but also bent from spring mousetrap word "More».

Today, the street will look at me all the guys, and girls are generally all! Following I will turn around, and then tell me friends. I will draw hundreds of admiring glances. After all, today, August 19, I'll carry the tree in the trash!

 - Excuse me, you would not be able to breathe the smoke in the opposite direction?
 - If I could breathe the smoke in the other direction, I'd join the circus.
Best graduate year at school managers managed to establish wholesale supply of pork in Israel and Afghanistan!

For some time now the garden with apples of youth guards drunk three-year guard.

Observation. Pay toilets on the beach profitable any more than paid toilet in the woods.

If you can not find a job? Increase power at the time!

xxx: us 11 to 13 Hatim zapisatsya on porkur
yyy: In the last letter of the word porkur superfluous.
yyy: This is the Pope :)

Dana Borisova messed up gas and brake pedals, but nothing terrible has happened, because it is more confused and legs.


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