Sunday brevity

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Why you should not be for a?
-And I can in no way suspect!

-Steve Jobs began his grandiose business, having only a soldering iron and a garage!
Well, we have so many started ...

-file PSD?
 - No, not piesdi it pedeef.
I do not piesdyu. I ask ...

The coolest thing - it is a piece bucks.

- Light that you have for such briefs - two ropes. They do not protect at all.
- Women's pants are not for protection, they are to attack.

Sometimes it is enough moments to forget a lifetime, sometimes not enough of a lifetime to forget the moment ...

-If Necessary, I can move mountains!
-So Roll up.
-And I need it?

 - Here, you will not tell the truth, and you for it will be nothing ... And tell the truth, and you will be all for it ...

The slogan "strangle corruption" was recognized as extremist and called for the overthrow of the existing order

Dumplings prerekruchennye become a meat grinder pasta nautically.

Aida scare maniacs makeup!

You failed drama - I laughed!

And how it all hidden under a bikini?


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