8 most unusual ancient weapons

Chinese weapons, it can be called the progenitor of an automatic rifle. The department on wooden crossbow had 10 arrows that recharges when the triangular lever is pulled back after the shot. The last time chukonu seen in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, after the appearance of a firearm. On average, 10 gave the crossbow arrows for 15 seconds. Compared with the speed of recharge conventional bows and crossbows it was a great achievement. For more damage arrowhead lubricated poison flower of aconite.


We used the Maori tribes in New Zealand. This simple-looking thing was made of jade. For Maori, it was a sacred weapon. They gave names to their clubs and passed them on from generation to generation. Maori even believed that they contain their own mana (spiritual power). The baton was a symbol of their leadership.

Curved swords

Such curved swords worn by the Shaolin monks in China. These beautiful swords were forged in the shape of a hook, their owner could combine them and wear as a solid blade. Made in the shape of a crescent guard blocked the blow perfectly and literally cut through enemies. Ephesus was sharpened to attack the enemy at close range. The length of the sword was 121-188 cm. These swords were used mainly civilians, not the army.


Kpinga - a throwing knife that was used by experienced warriors of the tribe Azanda. They lived in Nubia, Africa region, which includes northern Sudan and the south of Egypt. This knife had a length of 55.88 cm and had 3 blades with a base in the center. The closest to the handle the blade was shaped like male genitalia and represented masculine power of its owner. The very design of the blades kpingi increases the chances as much as possible to hurt the enemy on contact. When the owner of the knife married, it is presented as a gift kpingu family of his future wife.



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