Apparatus for survival in times of crisis.

How to build a machine dermoperegonny

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Shit (aka - Gamna) is an important renewable resource that is useful to all parties. In a crisis, comrades, we have no right to neglect it! We, human elements required to survive, to defeat the enemies! And therefore gather and make full use of crap - our direct duty to the world revolutionary movement!

To get the maximum benefit from the crap you need to mount dermoperegonny machine. Some believe that this is difficult. But in fact, it is easy to assemble, even at home, and even more so in your factory floor!

We publish circuit 3 dermoperegonnyh devices, which are different design, purpose and amount of nutritious goodies, that can get you out of shit.

Lightweight, marching variant
dermoperegonnogo apparatus for personal use!

Advantages: quickly installed, it is the most simple details, and, most importantly, it's easy to make your moonshine! It can be used at home, in the country, even fishing!

Disadvantages: limited range of products obtained with is also not very high taste characteristics. But if you just need to seize something in a hurry, it will come down!

Note: Due to the thick consistency of the starting material in any case, do not use the coil!

Recommendations: instead of "UPI" You can use the "invite" (look in the closet, be sure will be found), cologne or finely peretёrtye socks.

Effective dermoperegonny unit
for family use!

Advantages: wide range of products obtained, reasonable cost, very tasty! It allows you to get at least some benefit from your cold heating batteries!

Disadvantages: The unit is rather complicated in the assembly. It takes a lot of metal pipes (rubber quickly rush!). To start the unit labor participation is necessary to the whole family.


* Hand beater better move in a clockwise direction! In terms of accounting Coriolis force, it would be more rational (but only in the northern hemisphere!). Yes, and the head will spin less.
* Instead of dog shit, you can use a cat. But shit canaries will not work!
* Derived from dog shit clay can be used as dry food for your pet!

Attention affluent workers: washing machine Raton, immersed in shit, replaces family and hand beater!

Professional miracle of new generation!

Advantages: prestigious model that emphasizes your high status!

Kalayder - is space technology at your service!


* Collect kalayder at home is not easy - it is better to make your shop the entire brigade.
* Obtained at the output of the product is only one, and that to do with it, is not clear.
* Departure door sometimes inadvertently opened when surges in the network.

Note: ionized shit flies with great speed! Do not forget to close the door on the two while the machine!

Special attention: the use of design drushlag required! Drushlag - this is the main part of the kalaydera! He was even named after drushlag (Eng. - Colander). Without drushlag the output is shit, not a product.

You various goodies!




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