Monsters, in which I want to believe

Of course, in this post is nothing new. About these creatures repeatedly informed, and perhaps it could be called accordion. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a review of the mysterious character of the planet, post their photos (the ones that is) and listen to your feedback. Let's start with the most famous monsters. This dinosaur lake on the border of the US and Canada Champlain. Locals call it Champy. It is very similar to his brother Nesi, but unlike the latter has not yet been exposed, and therefore, many believe that in Champlain without panties is off limits. Here is his photo.

Taken by Sandra Mance. Two of her child wandering through the shallow water, when something terrible, like, in the words of Sandra on dinosaur surfaced about 50 meters from the shore. Anthony rushed in and pulled their kids out of the water. Sandra did not lose her, I grabbed the camera "Kodak" and managed to make a unique picture before the monster disappeared under the water. She said that the head and neck dinosaur protruded above the water by about 1, 8 m, and the animal was about 5 m in length. The photograph is quite distinguishable head, neck, hump and fin protruding above the water surface. According to the researchers divided. Skeptics argue that it is more like a tree root surfaced on the surface. They do not accept residents of the surrounding villages as well as some zoologists at the disposal of which there is a record of echolocation, which coincides with the complexity of the sounds that whales emit, but different from them. Besides whales in these waters are not found. To be honest I think it's a log.

The existence of dinosaurs want to believe. Oceans is huge and it is likely somewhere in its depths something so lurking. For example, a photo of a dead semidecomposed being caught by Japanese fishing vessel off the coast of New Zealand in 1977. It was about 11 meters long and weighed more than two tons. However, scientists have claimed that it was a whale shark, as this protein being 96% protein was similar to a whale shark. Although in my opinion this is not proof. However, this picture is not as popular as the photo of the same Nes.



Go ahead. Anyone heard of the Mongolian worm? In the desert there is the danger of more terrible than thirst, heat and scorpions, convinced the Mongols. In Mongolia, retell stories about meetings with the horror of the Gobi Desert - Olgoy-Horhoem (Allghoi Khorkhoi). Meeting with him in most cases fatal. According to witnesses (although it is not clear where they came from, if the worm is so dangerous) olgo sizes from 50 cm to 1, 5 meters. It resembles colon - the same red. Plus has spikes. But the most "charming" feature of insect - the ability to long-distance spitting venom. After that, the "victim" naturally die, and the worm climbs in and devour the corpse. Photography unfortunately, but there are pictures. Here they are. The views of experts on the origin Olgoy-Horhoya divided. American researcher fauna of deserts Klaudsi John L. Thompson refers Olgoy-Horhoya snakes. French cryptozoologist Michel Raynal classifies yellow Mongolian reptiles worm-amphisbaenia deprived of limbs. The same view is held by the Czech Jaroslav Mares. There are enthusiasts who believe Olgoy-Horhoya centipede or ringed chervem.Vse this assumption - accurate information and scientific observations there. Though fitted out a special expedition in search of the mysterious killer worm. Curiously, Europeans learned about the existence of terror Gobi works NM Przewalski in the second half of the 19th century. In 1922, Roy Andrews, leading the expedition, heard about the worm from the Mongolian Prime Minister, who allegedly asked him to find the animal. Like one of the relatives of the Mongolian nobles died from the poison of reptile. About Mongolian legends told in his book "The road winds" Ivan Efremov (the original title of this book was Olgoy Jorge). He was involved in research in the Gobi 1946-49 years. American scientist A. Nisbet, barely received permission to study the Gobi desert in 1954, with five colleagues to "Land Rover" went in search of the secrets of the worm. The pictures just these fun cowboys rushing to his death. None of them returned. They found the machines. Perhaps they found the worm. Subsequent Czech expedition 90s monster never met, but have collected a lot of material eyewitness.

Next yeti. Everyone knows pictures - some of which managed to shoot a video. About yeti said and written a lot, so the focus here only on one point, it seemed to me curious. This applies to the first mention of creatures like Bigfoot. In the writings of Plutarch mentioned satire, which caught the Roman legionaries. In the mythology and legends of many peoples there is a large hairy humanoid character. He often acts as the epitome of human fears. Sometimes draw a parallel with leshim - forest dwellers. While some researchers reject such a link, pointing to the non-skin nature of the devil.
As a premium snowman among the peoples of Tibet. Reference is similar in description to the Bigfoot creature in the Indian epics - "Ramayana". These demons Raksha.

Sukurudzha. Among the peoples of Africa and Latin America, portrayed in stories about Sukuridzhu - Giant monster appearance resembling a snake, but it is much longer than all the known snakes. The Europeans got the first information about giant snakes from the Spanish colonizers, explore the jungle in South America after the division of the continent between Spain and Portugal. The reports of snakes called "Matora" - "bull eater" and attributed them to a length greater than 20 meters. George Gardner in 1846 has told the world he had seen on the lands of the lord Lagoyera sukuridzhu. The snake was about 10 meters long. This is despite the fact that scientists have argued that the length of the anaconda can not exceed 6-7 meters. In 1907, Colonel Percy Fawcett (Percy Fawcett), whose task was to map the tributaries of the Amazon, said that he got the anaconda, the length of which was about 19 meters with a diameter of the body a little more than 30 cm. There are also more recent evidence. In 1925 (according to another source May 22, 1922), the anaconda watched Father Victor Heinz (Victor Heinz). It comes this unexpected meeting on the Rio Negro - one of the tributaries of the Amazon near the town of Obidos. According to the minister of the Church of the visible part of the snake has a length greater than 20 meters. The diameter of the snake's body, he compared with the diameter of the barrel for oil. In 1929, Heinz again met giant snake, but on the Rio Piaba. Among the records Hyuvelmana Bernard (Bernard Huevelman) there is a story of members of the Franco-Brazilian group, will meet peacefully sleeping on the grass anaconda. Eyewitnesses like an anaconda was killed by small arms fire and caused some surprise sizes dead animal: even the hunters, and there were no measuring instruments, the approximate length of the anaconda was about 23 meters. The head of the snake is a triangle with sides of about 60 cm and 50 cm base. For the scientific justification of the species is not sufficient evidence of eyewitnesses - require documentary proof or study animal's body. Take out of the jungle 20 timetrovoe body weighing about a ton - a serious problem. By the way, Indonesia was caught boa length of almost 10 meters. And where is 10, there is close to 20 ....

While all. It will be good reviews continue. And yourself if you dispose interesting than the last, if you want.




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