Juvenile fathers

English photographer Edmund Clark (Edmund Clark) captures young fathers with their young children and asked to share their parental experience. Later, these photographs were exhibited at the London Underground Piccadilly Circus.

Arbi (18) and Alicia (6 weeks)

My father - an evil drunkard. It is impossible to miss Alicia in life as much as I missed. I have to arrange their own future so that she was proud of me, and did not see in front of you pathetic drunk.

Richard (19 years) and seris (1 year)
There is a difference between a father and a dad. Father takes care of her child. He talks to his child, the child gives advice, explains to him that it is necessary to see the world. I would like to be a father. Because my dad was just dad.

Ryan (17 years) and Caitlin (3 months)
Young fathers need more support. I ignored the courses for future mothers and fathers, and made to feel second-class parent. Even shop called Mothercare («Mothering"). And where Fathercare?

David (18) and Matthew (8 months)
Now I'm 24 hours in charge of his girlfriend and son. It is necessary to keep a job, to keep it well fed, and that the three of us could live. From that moment on everything I do will affect it. I'm always remain his father.

Kieren (19 years) and Chloe (7 months)
When Chloe smiles or laughs, this is a real mutual love, and I know that I helped it emerge that exists in the world. Now I have Chloe and her mother. I could not ask for more.


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