In the icy river for gold to favorite

Finding the perfect engagement ring is quite a challenge for anyone, but few of them will look for material for this product in the icy rivers of Scotland. But the romantic mood John Greenwood did just that. He is 46 years old and he did not know anything about how and where to extract the metal. However, John was able to collect thousands of tiny pieces of gold, which he gave to the jeweler that made the most beautiful ring for his beloved, 40-year-old girlfriend Morag Shearer.

John made an offer to Morag for Christmas in a luxury hotel in Perthshire Gleaneagles

The man made her an offer for Christmas and she immediately agreed. Great miner said that he was incredibly lucky, because his search might end in complete failure. John came to the river every weekend, in the evenings, when it is dark and in any weather engaged in gold mining in the freezing water.

Unique fruit of the labor of John. The ring is made by jeweler Grant Logan

His bride physiotherapist and together they have 3 years, and now it's time to set a date for the wedding. John managed to collect 34 grams of the precious metal, valued at 18,000 dollars. Experts say that even enthusiastic people can zolotoiskatelstvom lifelong search for gold and so did not find, and then 34 grams for 4 months at the absolute beginner.

In these rivers of ice for 4 months, John was looking for gold

Greenwood said that when it was possible, he broke camp next to the river and worked 14 hours a day. In his work, he used the simplest tools: pan, trowel, shovel, rake. Jeweller Grant Logan put in the ring real diamonds. He said that this is a very expensive ring because it is unique and has a personal story, so it is much higher than the market value. On the inner side of the ring is engraved - Scottish gold.
John brought so much gold that he still remained ...



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