Around the Black Sea in 60 days

A resident of Bulgaria, Vyacheslav Stoyanov is going to go around the Black Sea by bicycle. The route will pass through Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, Georgia and Turkey. The total length of the route is 7,000 kilometers. Despite the impressive distance, Vyacheslav plans to make a "round the world" trip around the Black Sea for 60 days.

The purpose of the expedition focused on the necessity of separate waste collection, as well as to encourage people to make greater use of environmentally-friendly transport, including the bicycle.

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It's no secret that lack of attention to environmental issues in many countries of the Black Sea is a cause of marine pollution and reducing its biodiversity.

According to Vyacheslav Stoyanov, the leitmotif of the expedition is "Recycling outlook in favor of environmental protection."

"Our vanity is destroying us! Mankind is going to self-destruct! Over the past decade, we have thrown debris that destroy nature for a few thousand years old! By creating products that people do not give themselves the report that will happen to them after they are used. Let us suppose that could happen in 20, 50, 100 years ?! Surely we would not want our future generation would live in a garbage can with a gas mask. I think it's time to think about the consequences! "- Sums up Vyacheslav.



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