"Dzhunglas" or the Colombian police

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In the secret laboratories of forest, in the poisonous chemical solution marinated coca leaves, to become a famous Colombian powder. Police Squad "Dzhunglas" was released in a raid against drug traffickers forest.
Low flying over the Colombian jungle "Black Hawk Down." It - sixteen fighters with machine guns, grenade launchers and crates full of explosives C4. Somewhere beneath us lies the secret village, consisting of laboratories for the production of high quality cocaine. But it can be seen only around the hills, sparkling in the dense foliage ribbons of rivers but rare dirt road sections.

To walk does not make sense: certainly narveshsya on local residents, and only once they were warned drug dealers that the cops close. But with us flying a secret weapon - an informant. Hiding her face under the balaclava, he points the way to a small coca small factory where he once worked. For a week there can go up to a ton of white powder - a few million net profit! I'd like to ask why he gave such a good business, and how to spend state award, but I hold back. It was only later. Suppose first that will "dzhunglas" to the lab, and the guys I do not regret explosives to the precious powder has risen to heaven giant mushrooms.


US to invest in Colombian police and army a lot of money. On the fight against drugs identified seven "Black Hawks", 52 "Hugh" ammunition without an account and even money for the calculation of informants.

In the jungle, we should hurry slowly, so as not to fall into the trap apart mafia.


GPS navigators are to the west. Move carefully, do not run, but do not procrastinate. The attack could be heard for kilometers, and every minute the bandits give a chance to dispel the air all the evidence and make a trap. The most dangerous homemade bombs, the so-called Quita Patas - «Bite leg." Early in the morning during the briefing in Bogota commander named such mines sure way to leave the jungle in a plastic bag.

The explosions and columns of smoke spread around the neighborhood the news of the visit "dzhunglas."


Soldiers 'dzhunglas' pass rates of survival by American instructors and can eat almost anything that moves in the rainforest.


Each laboratory the defeated - a blow to the financial base of the FARC - Colombian revolutionary armed forces have built multi-billion dollar drug business on the ideas of Marxism. Initially, their goal was the young Colombian soul, now they are interested only in the nostrils of wealthy foreigners. Profit (about $ 200 million a year) goes to the shelling of the police stations, eight thousandth armed rebel army and the kidnapping of citizens. Presumably, seven hundred Colombians still held hostage. They are hiding in the jungle to bring back relatives for ransom or exchange for captured comrades.


Five years ago, gunmen controlled the entire highway between Bogotá and Medellín. Civilians tried not to leave their homes without extreme need. Everywhere were militants ambush, they were dragged from cars and entire families were taken to the forest. At gunpoint, with a mass of squirming under the yellow skin of insects, many prisoners were carried out in the jungle for five or six years. "I somehow started down the leg red pimples - says the former commander of three months Ryan forest life. - Later, in the bath, I suddenly began to itch, the skin burst, and from there climbed fifteen red spiders. "

Today Colombia economic growth is six per cent a year, and kills falls more rapidly.


In the 80 Escobar was a symbol of the Colombian drug cartels. This psychopath and a womanizer himself preferred cocaine weed, but to build on it an organized industry. He spent millions on social needs, buying school, built houses and city pools. At the peak of prosperity Escobar even offered to pay the entire national debt of Colombia - is, for a moment, ten billion dollars.

The first pure cocaine was coined in the 80-ies of the XIX century as a local anesthetic for eye surgery, and nasopharynx. Soon it began to be applied in the treatment of a variety of diseases. "Replace medicine teaspoon of cocaine" - advised their patients to Sigmund Freud in the late nineteenth century. It is possible that in the spoon - key to the mystery of the great revelations of psychologist.

It looks like a ton of cocaine. Right: The canister with fuel, prepared to destroy the potion.


Just as in a large marketing: in the containers with the finished product stenciled logos applied.


The police suffered minimal losses: one dead, one wounded. On the other end of the scale - 13 tons of cocaine captured. Soldiers quench hunger and thirst tropical fruits.

Meanwhile, drug dealers is no stranger to loss: the production of cocaine is 2-3 times higher than the market demand. While winning Colombian "dzhunglas" do not spoil the festive mood of the club public.




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