A trip to BAM in our time (53 photos)

Continuing the theme of the BAM construction history

These photos of 2005, but up to this point anywhere on the Internet have not been published.
A friend went in the summer to BAM to build a highway, too, but for communication along the railway. Optics + technology DWDM. I think, and 4 years later, little has changed there, so feel fresh photos)

So pictures of BAM in our time.

01 more civilization in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Baikal

02 Sopka

03 Getting a great way

04 It is interesting, then someone goes?

05 settlements. At least that is indicated on the map that they inhabited.

06 But no, there is life!

07 The first signs of the beautiful natural

Nature 08 starts. The brutal and merciless

09 To travel there needs appliances more serious

10 Yes, that's right!

11 High does not pass

12 But also not to Okushko proskachit)

13 There should be a life

14 But here someone else has

15 Who reprimanded the first time?

16 Endless expanses

17 This is a serious and formidable technique in these parts has a habit of getting stuck.

18 Trains good, but the machines ...

19 And the mountains just a fairy tale

20 Ah, the road ...

21 It turns out that there is a message! Rather wood or coal in China. A back empty

22 Collapses in these places a simple affair

23 multi-level interchanges!

24 Is not Golden Gate?

25 I think the best photo. Graduate! Both literally and figuratively

26 Severomuisk tunnel. Place called - Severomuisk!

27 The same tradition. There and then

28 The boundless number of rivers

29 River must somehow pass ... Similarity bridge

30 Again at the best way to train. It is not fair!

31 This is all Russian. Our wealth with you

32 lronburg pass on any territory

33 A huge truck - side by side. Do not fall apart? Yes, like it should not be!

34 The observation deck with wonderful views

35 Here everything is kept perfectly

36 And there is not very reliable, to say

37 In the spring everything boils

38 And now the weather. Low clouds. Always

39 Monument to the Heroes.

40 Areas where workers were

41 The most beautiful and large buildings on the road - a railway station or administration

42 There is a beauty to go

43 feast for the eyes!

44 new signs of life

45 And as far as the eye can see ...

46 Toys, compared with the surrounding reality

47 can land there to buy? The beauty of this ...

48 Another town (?) With the item name nevygovarivaemym

49 Yes, even at the train station you can live!

50 On the desktop!

51 More

52 For S O R T A

53 aircraft of the USSR, which never take off.

- === The End === -



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