The visit of the Governor

I decided today during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to lie down and sleep, until the winner is announced. (Writes known network ZhZhurnalist drugoi
Lay yourself on the grass next to some racing cars, put on his forehead accreditation card to the sun is not shining. I lay, dozing. Suddenly I hear me someone speaks with a strong German accent. I opened one eye, I look - someone familiar face. Bah, so there is the Terminator. It should be a dude from the organizing committee and sees the engine cars, close to where I dryhnu. Well, I got up, took the camera and clicked the governor on all sides. Security had polite - I camera Schwartz almost tychu in the face, and the guys did, the kidneys do not beat. Talking yourself through the sleeve of his jacket)))
4 photos from the scene

The suit is sitting on the governor of California, of course, both the cow horse. But the guy looks good.
In the photo at the top of Schwarzenegger smiles because some aunt shouted to him: «Arnold, you still a man!».
Maybe she checked recently, I do not know.


And he says the voice, like in the movies. I'll be back ...
Schwartz Gone to where on the wall was written Restrooms. Hasta la vista, baby ...



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