Mysterious restaurants

Hello, I invite you to walk on the most unusual, mysterious and interesting restaurants. The food in them is not important, all the salt in the atmosphere and environment ...

Dans le Noir

Dans le Noir in French means "in the dark", and it's true. There are restaurants in Moscow, Paris and London. At the entrance, a large hall, you give their mobile phones, watches and other items that can glow in the dark, in a special safe. After that order dishes from a special menu "blind" without knowing what lies under the original name. Finally the waiter takes you into the room of the restaurant, separated by several layers of curtains so that it reigns impenetrable darkness. You do not see anything, we have to rely on your taste and hearing. The waiters who serve in this chamber, blind, so well oriented in the dark, unlike you, and they do not need light. The atmosphere is annoying at first, but then you just have to talk to the other guests, neighbors in the table, and the food tastes exactly remember.

Dick's Last Resort

Dick's Last Resort - a network of small bars and restaurants in the US, the main "chip" which are rough scenery, as well as simple and unpretentious staff. So what, you say? Such restaurants in complementing the CIS, but we have such a design is due to the desire to earn a lot of money invested in this case at least, and in the US it is specially-designed campaign. Chain restaurants Dick's Last Resort consists of seven institutions, the tables inside are made of coarse knotty wood, no tablecloths, all visitors to wear "adult" bibs, and on her head - paper hats in the form of a condom. Napkins on the tables are not provided - the staff just throws them in the direction of the visitors during the meal. Who word - in fact, and the napkin ... Tin.

Eternity Restaurant

This local invention - the restaurant "Eternity" in Truskavets, Ukraine. Form it resembles a large tomb in the whole situation is also maintained in the style of the cemetery, the menu includes dishes such as salads "ninth day" and "fortieth day", as well as a hot dish "will meet in paradise." On the tables and on the walls of burning candles placed around the coffins and other funeral attributes. The restaurant is popular, it is often the young are celebrating their wedding day ... Apparently, you have to have nerves of steel, especially young wife to agree to a wedding in the restaurant "Eternity┬╗

Dinner In The Sky

Dinner In The Sky (lunch in heaven) - for those people who are already tired of all these restaurants, the room, the noise, hustle ... Instead twenty people gather in one place, seated at a special table, and all of them in the air raises powerful crane. So, at a height of several tens of meters above the ground, sophisticated gourmets can eat anything. However, if you drop a spoon, it will not be easy to get. "Restaurant" located in Belgium, but if there is a desire and a few suitcases of money, you can order it anywhere in the world where the crane will travel. There have already been cases of its application in Paris, Brussels, in the plans of New York and Niagara.

Hobbit House

In the Philippine capital, Manila, in the district of Malate (Malate), at Mabini Street in 1801, is a restaurant called Hobbit House (House of Hobbits), in which the entire staff - dwarfs. The restaurant positions itself as the only one in the world where the staff and owner are hobbits (the dwarfs, they do not call themselves). Restaurant is a great success that in a huge competition in Manila brings a steady income to the owner, as well as good wages personnel. Otherwise, all these dwarf waiters would have to live on alms. Naturally, national Filipino dishes and live ethnic music included.




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