New knockdown.

New Year's Eve on the nose. Corporative sorts of partying. Well, those who are younger - mornings, therefore. And in the section of the contact karate also be such an event. Not in the morning rather in the afternoon, but the content - pure matinee. Senior junior cook gift.
And youngest begin training. At that time comes the father of one of the boys younger group. For quite a load on the corporate parties. With confidence in the future. Please wait. Yes, please - have a seat.
Dad sits on the bench under the wall. Watches. But degrees inside the battery near by the outside - overcame heroes. I dozed off.
Train, meanwhile, ends. Comes Santa Claus and Snow Maiden (guys from the older group) and the orgy begins - sparred with flippers, baton in bags and other razvlekuha. And the apogee of fun - pillow fight blindfolded. Well, what a pillow in the gym. Pillowcase, it firmly pressed against the kimono jacket. In principle, you can kill a "pillow».
And two of the senior group bred in different corners of the room, unwind, and - I'm going to look. And one of them, moving under the wall, find the sleeping father. A strong man. We catch a sleep for a jacket ruchenki. And the second is the strong flow in the head. The head is between the pillow and window sills. Knockdown, however. Only the pope opens the eyes - is the second inning. The Pope state Grogg, but he finds the strength to squeeze out a hissing: "For what?»
A few minutes later the harsh soldiers still managed to straighten up. Papa recover. And
again to kill the coach commented the incident:
 - Well, imagine. You sleep. Open your eyes - you nailed Santa Claus. My first thought - it exists !!!


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