Balloon-solar-powered balloon

The author writes, k0nstrukt0r:

The principle of operation is simple balloon - hot air inside the balloon lighter than the outside, so there is lift. In conventional hot air balloons air gas burner. The gas is consumed in large quantities, because thin shell dissipates heat well. But you can do without gas. Let the shell is black and very hot in the sun. Especially solar balloon tightly engaged by the French.

It got even before the flight "hopper" to the pilot.
But I decided to make the ball more modest (yet :-)), diameter 2, 3 meters, a volume of about 6 m3. For the development of the technology :-). It was based on the data of the same French, claiming that by using a single-walled shell lift up to 90 g / m3. High albedo - reflectivity of the snow - contributed undertaking.

To run in the yard between the houses. All is well, it is easy filled shell, waving small cardboard. No fan, as I feared, was not required. But the audience has run ...

Children of different ages 20 pieces ... let all hold-touch, afraid of nothing, are fighting with each other, Guard rails confused ... In general, Makarenko from me no.

Almost immediately after filling the balloon began to rise. I expected that on heating will take more time. But the mistake was in the other - too many inlet. With a slight crosswind once there is "spoon" and the wind begins to squeeze the air out of the ball warm. As a result, the lift decreases sharply, the ball is dangerous heels.

The drawback was promptly eliminated zadraivaniem outlet. However, while volume decreased 20 percent, but was not afraid to let go of the ball at high altitude. The camera was mounted without any suspension, right on the rail a short leash (the decision was made to fly spontaneously, the whole ball bridle and harness connected camera just a half hour)

The result is a lot of blurring. Rotation erratic about linking panoramas speech was not. Only one panoramka gathered from 3 shots, frozen construction of multilevel parking closed.

Too high to let go did not - between 10 etazhki spanned many wires. But the photo shows that managed to rise slightly above the roofs of the 10-storey houses in the lane. Pipe. By the way, the survey was conducted on the machine. The camera has a burst mode to the memory card.


The film for the ball - from the garbage bags of 60 liters. About 8 g / m2, 15 mm tape bonding

10 petals 3 package. Total 30 pieces :-)

Here are some pictures from the start, the other chamber. We'll see, "suspension».




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