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Hitachi Kaihin Park Japan ...
Literally translated from the Japanese Hitachi means "dawn." Japanese National Seashore park Hitachi (Hitachi Seaside Park) is located in Ibaraki Prefecture on o.Honsyu. Not so long ago on the site of the park were the US military base, the land which in 1973 were transferred to the Government of Japan. In 1991 a small part of the park (about 70 ha) was opened. Currently, the park has expanded to 120 hectares and plans to expand to 350 hectares. The park is planted with whole fields of various colors specially for the Flower Festival: bloom mind and cherry, tulips, daffodils, poppies, lilies and of course nemofily (American me-nots). In the park hosts the annual Coast Hitachi flower festival, called "Harmony Nemophila" when 4, 5 million Nemophila bloom on the hills. There is a zoo, an amusement park, swimming pool and much more. Here love to bring children. During the festival of 1000 cherry trees hung paper lanterns.
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