Fort derawar in Pakistan

Derawar fortress - impregnable territory. Many centuries ago, for the massive stone walls of the fort was inhabited only soldiers and high-ranking personalities whom they were intended to protect. Today, the fort derawar available to any traveler and is considered one of the most striking sights of Pakistan. True to enter the territory of the fortress, you should obtain special permission from the Emir of Bahawalpur.

Derawar - square plan fortress perimeter of 1,500 meters in the Thar Desert (Cholistan) near the Punjabi city of Bahawalpur. The height of the walls up to 30 meters.

The first castle on the site was built rajas Jaisalmer. The current structure laid Bahawalpur Nawab in 1733. After 15 years of Nawab lost control of the citadel before 1804.

In the fortress is a marble mosque (a vivid example of Mughal architecture) and the tomb of the family Abbasi Nawabs.

Fortress derawar removed from civilization, and to reach it must hire a guide, who is very familiar with the surrounding area.

Fort consists of 40 bastions, which stands majestically on the hot sand of the desert Cholistan Pakistan to a height of 30 meters. Derawar is about a kilometer in diameter.

The most interesting is that the fort derawar is private property of the royal family Abassi, even inside the fortress is ancestral cemetery of their ancestors.


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