Top 5 most stupid nuclear weapons

1. Davey Crockett
This "light" nuclear weapons has been named in honor of the national hero of America and is intended for shooting columns and ranks of the Red infantry if Soviet soldiers suddenly snooping on the territory of Germany from abroad with the GDR. Madness? Well, yes, it most, grade heavy water!
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The worst thing in the "Davy Crockett" - it is the very idea of ​​the technical installation. Anyone interested with recoilless rifles or palil of them knows that the accuracy still reactive systems is comparable to the accuracy drunk who is trying to urinate in medosvidetelstvovanii mayonnaise jar, standing on the floor. That is, you shoot three miles towards the enemy and do not know someone's head off on your pomegranate fall and how much more (and most importantly, one's) head, it will carry within a mile. Not only do the grenade lying in the warehouse, shamelessly fonili infecting "their". Crew atomic faustpatrona - three doomed man. One carries itself "miracle weapon" other states to it, the third, then drenched in radionuclide, itself a grenade.

Cannons "Davy Crockett" was never used in the late 1970s were shamefully decommissioned.

2. Atomic Annie "Atomic Annie ', she M65 - monstrous gun 25-meter length of firing nuclear shells. Charge, aim, IPT - why not? Do not leave the old gunners out of work in the Third World, while pilots bombed or Chelyabinsk Sochi.

Atomic bombs caliber 280 mm with powder filling ... Using them in reality - is like a poisoned cigar smoking, naked ass sitting on a powder keg under the white desert sun.

Assembled there were only about 20 "Nuclear Annushek", the first and only trial held in 1953 in Nevada. Each of the nuclear guns cost taxpayers 800 thousand dollars. In 1963, they were rejected. Vietnamese and then luck.

3. MK-54 This ammunition - even a bad thing, than the atomic grenade and gun together. For it is the worst in the history of the planet's time bomb, which is transferred to ... knapsack. Something like hiking backpacks filled with nuclear.

Here is the front-line soldiers of the road carries on his shoulders a bomb. Bumps into an enemy headquarters disguised as a chicken coop. Removes backpack from his shoulders, crosses, and the timer starts running at full speed, hoping to return to the silly location of the safe and sound. Now imagine what it is - drag myself to 68-pound atomic charge. And yet, and automatic, and supply of food and water. In addition, nuclear bombs - things are pretty fragile, like clockwork. Drop soldiers or terrorists in the wolf hole to slip in the pile of cow dung - and ... everything. In the 1960s, the United States transported hundreds of MK-54 in Western Europe. In the event of a Soviet invasion. Today, half a century later, we realize how big then lucky old Europe.

4. Blue Peacock British developers seriously called this unit "bomb on the chicken is heated." Yes, nuclear mines, which were supposed to be buried in the ground under the English Channel, where it is very cold, the warlords were going to "lard" live broiler chickens. The heat of their bodies would serve as a guarantee that the mine will not freeze and will work upon request.

The capacity of each mine - 10 kilotons. Weight - 7 tons, together with the poor birds. The chickens were supplied with food and water for a week. It was in 1957. None of the "Blue peacocks" has not been activated, chickens ate civilians. A declassified this "bionic" Project in 2004.

5. W54 Here is the miniature of the ever built nuclear warheads, CSKA nicknamed "pocket." Moreover, its weight - about 23 kilograms, and the power of the explosion only 10 tons. In general, "children's toy", unable to produce a detonation in the proper impression on the opponent, equipment much more powerful bombs and shells.

Who knows, if it had gone a different way the story should not be sold to such "personal" weapons warheads in the shops, next to the Air rifles and hunting knives? I came, I bought avenged neighbor - blew the doghouse with a sleeping Polkan inside ...



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