Castles England Castle Howard (Castle HOWARD)

Castle Howard (Castle Howard) - known as the estate of Brideshead in the television adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited" - was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh to the third Earl of Carlisle. Castle, deliberately arranged to use the views of the surrounding landscape, was built between 1699 and 1712 years. Around him, the architect Nicholas Hawksmoor with the help of a park, which remains more or less intact. Inspired by the Villa Rotonda by Andrea Palladio in Vicenza Vanbrugh was the author of the South Lake and Cathedral Four Winds (1724-26) and Nicholas Hawksmoor - Mausoleum (1728-29).

300 years ago, one of the illustrious guests Castle Howard likened farm Eden: "If your ancestors, who were expelled from Eden, they would immediately put in this place, they would have done the replacement of one paradise to another," - exclaimed the astonished beauty of the building a guest. Today's excursionists Castle Howard fully understood his enthusiasm - a mansion with adjoining parks creates a unique impression of everyone who sees it.

Honor at the base of the castle, as it is called possession (though never a lock in the usual sense, he was not) owned by Charles Howard, the third Earl of Karalayla, who lived on the border of 17-18 centuries. One of the richest men in the kingdom at the time, called the Count as the architect of his family estate of Sir John Vanbrugh, for whom the project was the debut of his career. Vanbrugh drew up a plan of the building in the style of continental baroque, which never became popular in England. As a result of Howard's Palace was the most luxurious building of this style in the country. Most of the work was done in the period from 1700 to 1710, although the improvement of the building and surrounding areas continued, in general, about a century.

Castle Howard - a sophisticated architecture and elegant collection of paintings, fountains, statues, English landscape park, rose garden, flower beds and even an arboretum. This serene forests and lakes, which are located on lies adjacent areas. Moreover, Castle Howard - a private house, one of the biggest in the country, this building was born and raised current owner of the castle. Despite the status of private ownership, Castle Howard is open to the public. Every year come to admire the building about 200 thousand visitors.


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