Yaplakalovtsy, hello! PWHT is dedicated to my favorite TV series «IT CROWD» - geek. After a long break consummated fourth season, I raced, then at me, and disappeared into the NAS to a shelf «MUST HAVE». I have long wanted to write about the shirt of one of the main character, the Scottish programmer named Roy, played by Chris O'Dowd. Checkered shirt with short sleeves and authentic ties Moss may also be of interest, but still. In all series, Roy change their shirts and not one time.
Roy shirts can be divided into:
 - The inscription of a large number of small letters;
 - Little letters, but larger (there are numbers);
 - 8-bit-nye pictures;
 - Just pictures;
 - Other.
But after I grouped screenshots of The above classification and see what happened, I decided to change all the same group on the series. I do not know about you, but in this case very clearly be seen as an actor growing up. Here and I left.
As the presentation of T-shirts will try to comment on them, to find meaning depicted on them to describe my association. All driven:

Season 1
-1.1- All computer related to people familiar with this reduction. RTFM (read the fucking manual) - teach Math part.

-1.2- 8-bit-tion toy (about space aliens). She is still in the animated series Futurama lit.

-1.3- No comment, only one association - a cartoon VOLT

-1.4- Like inscription reads THE IMPORTS (or Che?).


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