Smart logos with hidden symbolism

Western masters of creativity really far ahead of copywriters and professionals naming the former Soviet Union. With the help of this material offer again see this.

See how simple and, at the same time, the understanding of these logos. Needless to say - just applaud. Advance warning that the translation the author and do not purport to be correct from the point of view of linguistics. Black Cat (black cat) - everyone can see her eyes?

Bee (Bee) - insects form the logo.

Night Golf (Night Golf) - golf ball in the form of the moon.

Found Customer (found customers) - the missing piece of the puzzle in the form of icons man.

Missing (missing) - read without problems, but two letters «I» missing.

Airtime (flight time) - the clock in the form of an airplane.

Catch Me! (Catch Me) - whether the falling man, whether hand, catching the moment.

BookCover café - advertising cafes, where you can read. Coffee cup in the form of a book.

Bird Love (love bird) - the letters «B» and «L» in the form of two birds that form the heart.

Boxsit (box + seating position) - a cross between a box and a chair.

CodeFish (fish) code - fish created from computer characters.

Cowbra (cow + zebra) - Cow + zebra.

Moon - the moon.

Crowd (crowd) - promoagenstva logo that stands out from the crowd.

Impotence (impotence) - at the first letter of the obvious problems with this :)

Wiesinger Music - capital letters of the name in the form of piano keys.

Fly (flight) - a capital letter of the name into a plane.

Egg (Egg) - the letter «g» made from eggs.

Wineforest (wine timber) - see all three bottles of wine in the woods?

Kingfish (king fish) - the crown of the fish.

Yoga Australia (Yoga Australia) - Flexible Girl hand and foot shows the silhouette of Australia.


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