In St. Petersburg, once again blew a monument to Lenin

Explosion in Pushkin thundered yesterday around 23.00. Blow up the monument at the intersection of Malaya and the Stables. As a result, undermine the iron leader of the proletariat is divided into two parts (see photo) in the waist area.

Such explosions are no longer a rarity. On the morning of April 1, 2009 has been undermined by a statue of Lenin at the Finland Station.

The incident occurred around 4 am, as a result of the monument a crater the size of 80 to 100 cm in the back. The power of the explosion was estimated at 300 grams of TNT. On the fact of vandalism was a criminal case under article "deliberate damage of property committed dangerous way." Repair of the monument was estimated at 8 million. Rubles.

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