About Polar Bears

While we live in a civilized city, bears are seen glorious white Fuzzies, which is very nice to look at, and which must be protected from the evil of the Chukchi and Nenets.

When it turns to the north, the bears when they met seem scary monsters, from which almost not real shake. When you look at him it seems that such a machine is quite impossible to kill a rifle bullet, and this is particularly unpleasant. It's the largest land predators that have no natural enemies. They are not afraid of anybody, and behave accordingly.

But what are the Bears really? Maybe this is not Fluffy, not aggressive evil predators? Maybe they do not have anything to do with our ideas about them?

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For example, when we traveled to the Kara Sea and suddenly met a bear, we have experienced a real shock. We can say that since the meeting with the bear underlying fear did not leave us for a minute. The same is said and our friend, who was in this year in the New Earth. Faced with a polar bear, his friends have not been able to calm down: the bear saw them in every snowdrift on each floe, throughout the journey. Needless to say, that neither they, nor we, then with a weapon and did not leave even need go together, with a loaded gun. In general, the feeling of weapons, are constantly hanging on the shoulder or lying along a sleeping bag, almost instantly became so familiar to us that the security of the rare moments when the gun could just unload and set aside, seemed unusual, and very enjoyable.


Arriving in Amderma and mingle with the locals, we heard a lot of horror stories about bears and about meeting them. As soon as we landed, as the divers, clearing the approaches to the port, said that just yesterday, here in this very spot, went polar bear. Frighten workers, he wandered among the containers and the equipment, and then thoroughly admired on frightened people, jumped into the water and swam away. He jumped, by the way, almost the same place where the diver was working (it seems to have arrived at the port when they saw the beast, chose to stay under water).






BUT! Do you know what the best part? The woman, from birth living in Amderma and happily entertained us awesome bear tales, remembered only one case of death of a person from the clutches of the teeth and the polar bear. It happened in the dressing Soviet times, when lived in Amderma of 15 000 people, among them many children. The children were taken to school by bus, but a couple of guys from behind the bus and went home on foot. It was then that they met the bear.

In addition to this history, amdermyanka not remember anything terrible. Yes, she told me about the many encounters with predators, about how they were sitting a few meters away from the people as they walked through the city, and even licked the heels of some local falling asleep in the beam, the fisherman. But all these stories ended quite peacefully, and no one was hurt.

Yes, it is, of course, does not prove anything, and does not mean that the bears are safe. However, even after returning home, I met with one of the Amderminsk divers and once again heard from him the story about the bears and the carcass of a dead walrus, a few days lying on the beach near the airport (about it we still spoke in Amderma literally everything).






Fragrant corpse, of course, like a magnet attracted polar bears, who came here to leeward coast. While one of the bears ate the locals, rather than in terror to hide in the airport building, we went ashore and were photographed against the backdrop of a predator. In the picture you can appreciate how close they were.


Or, for example, there is such a major Amderminsk photographer: judging by his photographs, he pursues Fuzzies accidents every time, in general, on the heels of - only that they do not head climbs. And nothing, is still alive.

Well, what is it? What does it mean? Silly recklessness? Or something, we do not know, but they know the local? Maybe the bear, in fact, is not as dangerous as it seems to us? Maybe he just behaves too arrogantly, and why it scares us? We somehow got used to that any animal, whether wild deer or bear, prefer us to escape as quickly as possible, and the polar bear just stands and looks curiously like before it comes to shit shooting into the air and materyaschiysya people. Looks like the eyes of a great fear.

PS: Photos are not ours. They shared with us the very diver - Maxim. But the name of the authors we do not know. One of the authors - the head of the divers, while others, apparently, those airport workers.




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