BMW Welt: BMW Welt

Writes igergel:

Opposite the museum BMW, against the backdrop of the Munich Olympic stadium tower, turned bizarre spirals futuristic building of BMW Welt.
From the past to the present pedestrian bridge spanned.
Let's go into the world of BMW?

Before entering Okin's eye amazing building. The architecture creates a sense that Picasso reinterpreted Bangle. Although neither one nor the other (of course!) To the design are not involved. 275 firms participated anonymously in the competition for the right to develop the project of the building. Competition won Professor Wolf D. Prix and the Viennese architecture firm Coop Himmelb (l) au. Professor, among other things, studied the architect's headquarters BMW - the famous "four cylinders».

Then the whole area belongs to the company. White houses in a corner of the frame - office and residential buildings. Behind us - the museum, the factory and the headquarters of BMW.

But today, we dive into the world of BMW, is open to visitors in 2007. Huge space poblёskivayuschie brushed metal snails, flies somewhere ceiling lamps meteor strokes. The innovative spirit.


It is driven by the joy of all your senses. And it brings people together. No cellular and not vodka. A joy - so says the firm. Well, an interesting approach. Maybe that's why so many people selflessly in love with the products of the company?

What is it today, this production? How can please their clients the firm? Let's see.

Welcome open door wagon. He's not ready for you to turn inside out - not the breed. He is a young aristocrat, friendly and open to communication. Keeping the inner dignity and enormous latent potential. The pleasure of life and sport - this is his credo.

Following up with the times, aristocrats among cars, care about the environment and economy. Less expense - lower emissions.
Not forgetting the sport. 8 seconds to "hundreds" for two-liter sedan - not too bad.
Given the phenomenal rate dizelki - 4 liters per 100 kilometers!
This work is actively promoted by innovations Efficient Dynamics.
This is a group of systems in the engine, brakes, electronics.
They are designed to solve the insoluble problem - reduce fuel consumption, improve dynamics and handling.
It's like? And so. A more accurate dosing of fuel and air, dynamically variable valve timing system energy recovery during braking.
Yes, you name it.

But the main pride of the company, of course, the engines.
Here they are - a work of engineering art. The glass cylinders, on the surfaces of moving "pistons".
Designers of films about "outsiders" are clearly drew his inspiration.

Left - shestitsilidrovy turbodiesel from the 740d. Right - gasoline turbo "Eight» 550i from the GT / X6, 750 (L) i.


And this monster, bristling with teeth timing chain - 12-cylinder V-engine from 760 (L) i.
A striking example of the fact that from the genius to madness - one step.
Without a breakthrough before the technological challenges to carve a sculpture could only deep schizophrenic.

Thank the gods design, exterior sculptural forms that BMW does not cause such a reaction. Anyway, in the era of post-benglovskuyu.
Yes, serious. Yes, to the relief of pretentiousness. But as a whole - a hybrid of dynamic and purposefulness. Both outside and inside. 485-strong "eight" volume 4, 4-liter twin-turbo hybrid accelerates to "hundreds" in just 5, 6 seconds.
But consumption in the combined cycle - less than 10 liters per 100 km.

This is not "Reyndzhrover" drink two buckets for the same hundred kilometers. However, anyone that. Some of the innovations, others - supporters of hidebound conservatism.

Power, handling, environmental friendliness.
So what more could you want discerning followers of the brand? Ubelёnnym haired men whose bank account allows you to afford ... For them there is a special unit of the company - BMW Individual.
You wear a jacket cut from individual personal tailor? You here.
There tailor the car under you. Pick up the skin. Variety, origin, color, dressing. Prompt decision interior color. Mount Exclusive audio system with built-in DJ. Swarovski crystals sprinkled chrome wheels. Set gold gilotinku cigar and ashtray made of rock crystal.

That's how the world looks about exclusive inside. As all inaccessible, fenced off from visitors bulletproof glass.

And looks ageless classic. Oh, how much luxury! Chrome on the bumpers, headlights on, the air intakes on the ovals. Deep as the abyss, blue lacquer. I would call this color 100-meter blue. Divers will understand me.

And how much charm in the interior! Ivory steering wheel pulls hands. The clear, contrasting scale and asked awakening from their lethargy. Close interior is filled with comfort and refinement. Even without a crystal ashtray.

But we digress. Olden - not destiny BMW Welt. Just listing the museum.

For those who understand the advertising - the projectile. Five-liter "eight" pull the holder of the office of boredom to "hundreds" of 5 and 6 seconds. Target audience - young and aggressive executives. "Six" - their guiding star and deserved a bonus for selling another ton of server hardware.

Here they rolled the young girlfriends of an infinite number of contenders for the hand and heart of the owner. The girls like to ride. The sound of the engine he fancies the ringing of wedding rings.
But in vain, they indulge in dreams!
The owners of the "six" convertibles - great guys, but selfish and confirmed bachelor. Reliable family man should be sought among the owners of "Reyndzhroverov."

And certainly no suitors inside the Z4. This machine - a dream playboys retired and secret agents.
Fantastic red body color, rapid form.
Sheevyvorachivatel. Viagra.

And to match the interior. Little sticker «M» on the steering wheel bakes more than mustard seats and door trim.

That's a cool thing. Great hiking, for quick shots in Europe. I had a chance to spend a week behind the wheel of this "tourist" and a lot of fun.
Best notion BMW in recent years, in my opinion. But attributed to the owners of any group I hesitate. Rather, here too, the girls do not shine.
The owner already has everything - wife, a dog and two mistresses.

Okay, let's leave the matrimonial relationship alone. Outside the sun is shining, and name the road bikes. Some of the visitors eyeing someone tries on. Yes, and how not to try! F650GS Enduro just handsome.

A trucker K1300S invites to leap across the continent. 1300 "cubes", 175 "horses". Cruising speed - more than 200 km / h.

Extensive and multi-faceted world of BMW. The man here will find a an iron horse for every age and taste. A woman - a wealthy sponsor. The family car should look for another "stable».




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