Terms and conditions for photographers in the Arctic

Recently, blogger and photographer Dmitry Chistoprudov returned from the Arctic and showed what "paradise" and the wonderful conditions currently in the North for photographers. And for non-photographers are also the same))
3 photo

He writes: The worst was my camera. Batteries had to turn warm with gloves and change every five minutes. To see what happens, I periodically with the small screen with a fingernail scraped off the ice. Tripod zadubela so that almost spun, iPhone and died 10 minutes walking and only came to life after a long warming, to make this picture, and then again died.

The weather there is a lovely, frost is not strong, 20-25 degrees. At the tops of the mountains to -30, but this, alas, was not enough for the northern lights. So I look after a three-hour walk through the mountains, but it's nothing ...

But the result - is worth it, definitely! ))



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