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Gogol said that Russia has two misfortunes - fools and roads. If fools enough in all countries, with the roads, many coped. US roads, even provincial, always made for certain standard. Wherever we went on the road was a bright clear markings everywhere were installed reflectors and night on this road was a pleasure to ride. On most roads in the middle and on the sidelines were gnawing special grooves, bumping into which, the machine begins to beat shiver. It is made specifically for sleepy drivers. And as the number of different warning signs protruding beyond all reasonable limits. Such signs were installed even on the primer. Take, for example, the sign "Speed ​​is controlled aircraft» ...
19 ph via Sergey Dolya

That is the mark:

Even in places where the vehicle travels every hour, roads maintained in perfect condition:


By the way, the distance one can see the famous sand dunes of Death Valley, where we met one of the sunrises. About all the "snacks" that you see on the roadside, I will write as soon as possible:

When he saw parked on the side of the car, other drivers generally go round her oncoming:

Sometimes it seems that the road painted on the line:

Absolutely redkoposeschaemye roads are not aligned horizontally and the car rides on them, as the roller coaster, coming off the wheels on the bumps:

This special types of road. It is one-sided and single sideband. Laid through the mountains, so that you can enjoy their grandeur and beauty, the comfort of the car:



However, not all are asphalted roads. Sometimes you can find and primer:

Rainwater flooded roadside and road services immediately put up a sign warning about this:


Park entrance fee, although winter rangers often somewhere to go and you can slip through without being checked. We still remained from last year annual pass to all the parks, so that we are not concerned:



Often on the road there were special types of sites where you can stay and enjoy the heavenly views:

From the road was cleared of snow, but ice on them or sprinkled with salt or sand



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