"Zim" - aka M12 gas. History 2 brothers.

And so, the GAZ-12 - "Zim". Soviet six-seater car was produced until 1956.
My grandfather bought this in 1954. bought because the birth of their son, my father. Later, in 1955. Grandfather bought a second Zim. in connection with the birth of my uncle. The first machine was given to my father on his wedding day, and the second Uncle 2 years respectively. Even in the hands of his uncle and father, they worked until the year 1990-1991, then "went to the garage." The first car Grandpa "restored" (if you can call it that) in 2000, at that time it looked perfect.
The truth now, 10 years after the "restoration", a little paint peeled off, in general, appreciate yourself.

14 Picchu.

But grandfather just vostanovil car, and played a little bit with the design as a result was born first in Russia (and probably the world) Zim - pickup.

3. It is a pity that no photos from 2000, when it was just perfect, smooth, shiny black paint, all the body parts were shining silvering. mmm.
On a photo rear view.

4. Left.

5. The original panel. without replacements. The cigarette lighter runs


7. Boarding on doors and seats accordingly been made to order.


9. Who is the grandfather carries her hay for the cows, which in fact can be seen on the following photo.

10. And here is his younger brother, 1955g.v winters. He was less lucky (and maybe more) - it has no touch, and body respectively intact. Zim, though several years gathering dust in the garage, but on the go (sometimes distilled from the garage to the garage). Dvizhek in place. All parts of the body (panel paneling, etc. etc.) original in the attic.

11. Do not pay attention to the fact that the rear wing is not, it is also in the attic.


13. In 2003, came from Moscow, wanted to buy it, then gave two scores. Dad, uncle and grandfather esnno denied.

14. As Winters later get me, I can promise users Yap that bring it to mind as soon as earn it. So maybe in a few years there will be a continuation of the topic.

It is the last photo.



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