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Everyone knows who the cat. When we hear this word in my head drawn picture domestic cat frolicking fun with the ball. But they are different: the largest - weighing 350 kilograms Tigers, and the smallest "rusty" cats weigh only 1.5 kilograms. Today we consider the 10 most terrifying facts about wild and domestic cats.
Let's get started!

1. They are not run away!

As you know the most common house cat can develop while running speeds of up to 13, 5 m / s, compared to the fastest sprinter can run at speeds of up to 12, 5 m / s. I believe few of us who can boast that he is the Olympic champion in the race? But any "Murka 'living next door to you could.

2. You have climbed higher, where the beast feline you not get? You can get off!
The highest jump can make African leopards and cougars. They are able to jump on the branch of a tree (or rock ledge), located at a height of 5, 5 meters. In general, cats jump to a height about five times its height.

3. Well, crawl on the back?
Ah, you have no time for you being chased by the Bengal tiger?
Then you might want to know that this type of cat has the longest fangs (about 10 cm)! Running, as mentioned earlier, it is useless, looking for a tall tree, the tiger may be too lazy to get you out of there.

4. Another great fact about bites.
Do you know who the strongest jaw? Look.
Yes, yes, this cute tiger that should be your shadow. The power of its bite is 1000 psi (about 450 kilograms). Break out of his grasp impossible. For those who are sitting at home, and a tiger they are not threatened, I note that the domestic cat has a thin and long fangs. When you bite it can harm not only the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments) and joints (just bite it).

5. If you decide to hide, then you have to sit very quietly, preferably not even breathe.
Hearing a feline is 20 times sharper than a human. They can hear sounds inaccessible to us, biped.

6. The length of the claws of the big cats up to 10 cm.
So let the softness and fluffiness of their paws not fool you.

7. If the cat decided to go hunting, its victim finds out about this at the last moment.
All members of the species, except the cheetah while hunting use the element of surprise. They sneak up to the victim as close and attack suddenly. It is allowing them to sneak up congenital quiet gait. The soft pads on the paws and coat all the possible sounds of their steps jammed.

8. propagated by this species of mammals at an amazing rate, particularly a subspecies home Fuzzies.
One cat is capable of one life to give birth and raise more than 100 kittens. Reference: cats live an average of 10-15 years.

9. Do not try to hide from a cat in a dark room or at night safari predator to sneak up close!
Review of their 200 degrees, a person is only 180. And the rods in the retina that are responsible for the ability to see in the dark, in their more than 20 times greater.

10. Hopefully, the previous 9 facts you already scared, and dreams of becoming a trainer of top predators or second Kuklachev you left.
Dobyu last. Cats constantly after you watch! Even during sleep one half of their brain continuously records where you are.
I hope that after reading you will be more careful with the representatives of the cat family.

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